Friday, January 2, 2009

A Nature Lover's Homestead For Sale

Happy New Year blog readers! We wish you all well in 2009!

You will find The Common Milkweed on the move in the upcoming year as we move back to the southwest; therefore, our wildlife haven in Fort Wayne, Indiana is FOR SALE. If interested, please check out our flyer below and contact us.

We will continue our blog wherever we land so you can all look forward to more interesting & exciting posts throughout the year. :)

Enjoy the second day of 2009!


  1. Oh if only it was a larger dwelling. :) Sorry your leaving... best wishes wherever you land.

  2. for school...... we have to do this sheet in science about plants and milkweed is one of them. how do they move? maple tree's can move by wind and rain. How does a milkweed move? please answer A.S.A.P. it is due on tueaday and today is friday. my email is
    please help! thank-you

  3. hi it is cortey again, i was wondering if u knew how a biden plant moved? i have never heard of this plant and i cant seem to find any informmation on it? sorry to bother you again

  4. thank-you SO much for all of ur wonderful help! I am very grateful for every wonderful thing you have done for me! Thanks for SAVING my project
    thats my version of a online smiley
    do you like it??


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