Monday, March 16, 2009

Food Not Lawns & Some Cat Photos

Look at this gem of a book I found at the library! This book has been around for a while and I've not yet read it, but the title and subtitle make me VERY excited.

We are brainstorming different ideas for Carlsbad since we will live in a very small apartment and are considering such techniques as container gardening (as much as possible in dry heat), indigenous seeds, window herb & greens trays, sprouts, visiting the local farmer's market regularly, and drying, freezing and canning whatever surplus we can glean from local farmers. We feel it is so important to take control of our own food supply for ethical, environmental and health reasons. What are you all doing? We would love to feature different folks taking on some of your own food production - however it may be. Let us know if you are interested.

Our cats are gearing up for the big move too! (EEK! - 24 more hours in a cat box in a car...) Here's Bounder admonishing me for disturbing her wildlife watching session.

And little Bobcat under her faithful chair - her only place of safety and comfort. This little lady is under the chair for most of the day only to emerge in the evenings and only if it is just Steve and me at home.

She did come out briefly this morning when she heard me coming in the house with some fresh picked catnip. Cameras make her nervous too...


  1. The book looks great. You'll have to let me know how it is. Who needs grass anyways? It's just annoyed stuff that you have to mow!!

  2. i am not sure i even knew what color bobcat was!!! alicia


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