Thursday, November 5, 2009

Squash and Apple Soup

The huge Hubbard squash that we grew this summer are starting to come in very handy! Here's how we made Squash and Apple Soup...

First we cut up the squash and scraped out the seeds, etc.:

Then we cut the chunks into strips and peeled the skin from each strip...

...and then cubed each strip:

Next we prepared some bullion...

...and added the bullion to a saute mix (butter, olive oil, onions and curry powder) that we'd prepared previously:

To all of this we added apples, squash, salt and pepper and simmered until soft:

Here it is cooked down:

Then we used our handy-dandy new stick blender to blend it with some apple cider:

Don't have a finished pic because we ate it all so quickly (but it was as beautiful as it was delicious and nutritious!!). Perfect for fall!

Here's the original recipe from Edible Santa Fe - a chapter of Edible Communities (which is a great resource in certain local areas around the country).


  1. Looks delicious. And I love that pic of you Steve.

  2. I'm preparing this soup right now! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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