Sunday, October 17, 2010

60 Pounds of Apples!

Yep, we picked apples this weekend...a whopping 60 pounds of them! The super fabulous weather and desire for more fruit put-away for winter inspired us to head out to Windy Hill Apple Farm. We chose this apple farm because they use no chemicals and grow the apples organically, though they are not certified.

We so enjoyed ourselves :) ....

The orchard is laid out neatly and allows for easy access...

Yay for apples you can touch and eat straight from the tree!

Is this place called "You-Pick" or "Eat-While-You-Pick"?

Gotta reach high for the good ones!

The area is very picturesque with rolling country and apple trees...

Jennifer bringing in the haul:

Trusty Subaru ready to do the transport back home:

Cobbler, crisp, pie, sauce - if it's got apples in it, we're about to make some!


  1. HI Jennifer & Steve ..Looks like you had alot of fun picking and will have alot of fun eating..Yum..Yum!
    My crisp with french vanilla ice cream!!

  2. I made this last weekend:
    ...with whole wheat pastry flour, less sugar, more water. Easy, yummy, and elegant!

    Hmmm, now if I only had a butternut squash lasagna recipe, I'd be whole.

  3. quite a load! looks like an amazing day:)

  4. Wow. A perfect eg for Elegance.
    I am from India.
    Send me some apples please.
    Hot country is ours. Never grow apples here.


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