Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Part 1

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone...we so appreciate your good thoughts for us! This weekend we headed north to our home in Cardington, Ohio to start the cleaning out and cleaning up process. We just love these fixer uppers!

Here's a peak into the cleaning process from the beginning:

First time going in since looking at the house in July!

Living room...

Dining room; Steve's taking down old curtains and sheets and shower curtains acting as window curtains so we can see.

Sun room (to the left of the dining room in the picture above):

Front door going out the sun room to the porch; there's two front doors, the other goes into the living room. Next summer we plan to remove the front porch enclosure walls and restore it to its original state.

Kitchen pre-trash removal:

Kitchen after trash removal:

SOOOOO much sweeping and vacuuming. Whew. Those dust masks were mighty necessary! Steve's already ripped out the built in table so we can create more space to cook. We aren't sure how much we will tackle prior to moving in, but so far the table removal is a good start. Look at all that kitchen light! The windows in front of Jennifer face south. Perfect!

Hallway from the kitchen to the bathroom and 1st floor main bedroom. Jennifer forgot to take pictures of the bathroom...ugh! The stairs on the right hand side lead to the other bedrooms.

There's a cute little area before you enter the main bedroom outfitted with nice built in cabinets and space for a computer desk.

A window flanks the west wall of this little space and offers a nice view of the surrounding farmlands...and the trash left behind too.

Master bedroom....west, north and east windows! We love it!

Stairs heading up to the two other bedrooms...that's for Part 2. :)


  1. Congrats! That bedroom will be great in the summer.

  2. That was a teaser...I can't wait to see more. A diamond in the rough, but so much potential!

  3. Hi Jennifer and Steve...I am so excited for you what a great place with so much potential!!
    Yes..let in as much light as you can..that's what I like !!
    Keep us updated and don't get discouraged, it will all fall into place in time!!
    May God Bless you and your new Home!!

  4. soooo excited for you guys! and soooooooo excited to see what you do with the place!

  5. Looks like you have some nice hardwood floors too. When you get done with the fix up you are commanded to have an open house party.

  6. Will be great to watch your changes over the years. Much time to contemplate.

  7. Love all the windows! I must say that it's much better than I expected:) Can't wait to come see it in person.


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