Saturday, October 2, 2010


We're still is just super busy for us right now. We are in the process of buying a sweet little farm house with a few acres of ground north of Columbus (more on that after we close and all is final!) and just this weekend adopted another cat. Yes, this is Flora...

a precious little 1 year old cat that found us at Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park as we enjoyed a picnic. She joined in the meal and then took off to follow some other folks down the trail. We hiked the opposite direction and found this wee little one halfway around...she followed us back, hopped in our car, hopped out, hopped back in, laid down and that's that. We searched for another adoptive soul at the park knowing she would live with a FLV positive cat in our house but to no avail. She's living separately in our house right now as she gets checked out, up to speed on her shots (most importantly the feline leukemia vaccination) and getting spayed! She's super sweet and we're so glad she's part of our family. Another female cat is now indoors not making new kittens or eating birds and is getting much, much love.

We hope to post the rest of our Edge of Appalachia hike pictures later this week so if you're waiting for those, they're coming we promise!

Hope ya'll are well....


  1. She is so sweet! I thought it was a picture of Bounder at first:)

    Her twin has been coming into our backyard every day hunting our birds and mice. It's crazy, b/c they look just alike!

  2. Farmhouse???!! I can't wait to see it. Thanks for keeping indoor kitties.

  3. Hi Jen and Steve...Good luck with the new family addition and with the cute little farmhouse!!
    Will be checking to see whats going on with you!! Have a good Sunday

  4. Congratulations on your new arrival! Flora is a pretty girl, and very lucky (or clever?) to have found such a loving home.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a smooth home transition.

  5. Yah! She is a lucky girl to find you two. I think animals know the good ones. Lucy hopped right in the back of my truck when I rescued her. Maybe, just maybe, little Bob will finally find a new friend.


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