Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home-Made Salsa is So Easy!

We became addicted to fresh tomato salsa in the Mex-Tex city of Carlsbad, NM. There's a great grocery there called LaTienda that has a deli where you can get 2 kinds of fresh salsa and hand-made tortillas and tortilla chips. Wonderful older Latino ladies makes all this stuff right before your eyes. When you go see the caverns and bats, check out the chips and salsa at LaTienda!

So that's how we found out how very easy fresh salsa is to make. Here's what we do here in Ohio now:

Walk out back to the garden and collect tomatoes, chiles, cilantro. We got our garlic at the store but just wait until next year!

To our stickblender reservoir we add tomatoes...


...cilantro, cumin/salt/oregano (1/2 tsp each) and 1 clove garlic and chop thoroughly:

Makes about 1 pint based on about 3 medium tomatoes and 2 chiles. One pint of good organic salsa at the store is at least 4-5 bucks so this is a deal and we don't feel like we have to ration:


  1. I love fresh-made salsa! I cut mine by hand, instead of using mechanical grinders. You have fab ingredients, but I'm wondering why your jar looks so pink?

  2. I've made a couple of batches of homemade salsa over the last week. I do the same combo of things as you. So good....I can make a dinner out of chips and salsa.

  3. yummy! we are definitely looking to grow some cilantro next year:)


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