Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Part 2

The upstairs of our new house is very reasonably sized for us. We're not fans of big houses and this one falls right in the comfortably sized range with two rooms upstairs. The room following will be the craft room. Besides the basement (which we will tackle later) and kitchen cabinets, the upstairs bedrooms contained the most trash and cat poo! Yuck.

Future craft room before trash removal:

And after!

A hallway connects the two upstairs room with the stairs leading downstairs between them:

Guest room? before trash removal:

And after!

We focused on cleaning out the one car garage too so we could stockpile bagged trash for removal. Here's what it looked like before cleaning....check out all the particulate matter in the air!

And after!

A side view of the house with trash thrown from the upstairs window, which made for convenient clean up.

Remember the trash visible from the window in Home Sweet Home: Part 1? Here's the back yard cleaned up.

More cleaning this weekend is on the agenda with help from Jennifer's mom and sister. We'll post more on the house as things change and shape up.


  1. H Jennifer& Steve...your sure had your work cut out for you didn't you!!
    Amazing all that was let there!!
    The floors look like they are in fairly good condition, but I could not handle those dark colors on the walls( just my opinion)!!: }
    I like small room too,easier to heat to!!
    Good luck with the clean up and great that you will have help to!!
    I'm doing better but still no answers for the blackout and fall!!
    Thanks for thinking of me !

  2. Definitely looks like enough space for you. I think I'd be changing those paint colors too. . .

    Great job with the trash removal! Should I bring a hazmat suit along for the weekend? :-)

  3. I'm excited to see what you do with the upstairs rooms!


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