Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekend Progress: Part 2 (Seed Saving)

This summer/fall we spent some time deadheading and saving seed from a few types of plants.  We organized all the different seed heads, but Bounder destroyed all our organization efforts.  She loved the drying boxes and always found her way into them.  She, of course, did the same when we brought the box in to finally separate the seeds.  

Look at her! She wants the camera out of her face so she can chew on some plants....she knows she caused no real harm to the seeds (other than the ones she consumed).

We saved seed from zinnias, calendula, agate soybeans (most were found and eaten by a mouse since our move - bad for us, but good for the mouse), coriander (cilantro), fennel and marigolds.  Since we're not selling seed, we're not too particular about removing all the petals and chaff; it will easily decompose when the seeds are sown.  We just love many shapes and colors.  Pretty amazing little packets of energy and life.

We have enough marigold seed to plant a whole field I think!  We like to pepper flowers all about our garden so I'm sure it will all be used this summer.  We plan on more seed saving next year....these are marigolds and zinnias from our garden at Coffeetree Bottoms 3 years ago! 


  1. Hi Jennifer and Steve...there is something rewarding about harvesting seed!!
    Lupines. poppies, and marigolds, morning glory's just to name a few I have dried!!
    Isn't that nice for Kitty to help you11 lol : }}

  2. Lots of great seeds.

    Bounder looks so sweet, our boys would totally do the same thing!


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