Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A new feeder bird!

Look closely at the finch feeder in this picture and see if you can find the bird that doesn't match. 

See the gal on the top left?  That's a Common Redpoll!  It's a first for us at our feeders and quite exciting too.  She fed briefly and moved on, perhaps toward her breeding/nesting ground in the Arctic/sub-Arctic.  You can read more fun information on redpolls here

We attended the Ohio Botanical Symposium and Butterfly Identification and Monitoring Workshop here in Ohio last weekend and are ALL fired up to learn more plants, more birds, more butterflies, more dragonflies, etc!  It's so great...this world we live on and amongst.  :)


  1. Hi J&S.. Redpolls ..adorable are't they..perhaps it will be back and bring friends on its next journey through your feeding station stop : }
    I think your in for a great spring and summer, don't get to busy that you don't have time to enjoy though!!

  2. Nice! I would love to see one of those at the feeders!

    I have been eye-ing your new soaps and trying to justify getting *more* soap! But I just love it!

  3. Oh! That's great to hear the Ohio Leps are still doing the long-term butterfly monitoring project. I helped Dr. Sonja Teraguchi the first few years took her project statewide and conducted workshops from 1996 to a couple years after her death with Eric Metzler. My fondest memories from Ohio were accompanying Sonja and Jim Ciha on their butterfly transects. I learned so much about butterfly flight behavior from them. Are Barbara Coleman, Jerry Wiedmann, and Mark Rzeszotarski still alive and involved?

  4. How exciting! I was just talking about all these new spring birds I've had at my feeders and I haven't taken photos of any of them. Time to bust out that camera. . .

  5. We got a few for a day about 2 weeks ago, so pretty! I've never seen them at our feeder before, so I was as excited as you were.

    If you get a chance, go check out my blog...I think you'll be proud of my "recycling" efforts to get the coop up and running :^). Blessings, ~Vonnie, NH


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