Sunday, March 20, 2011

Planting Greens and Re-Connecting the Cistern

Cold frame is finished so time to plant the first seeds of the 2011 growing season!

We planted various greens including spinach, mixed greens and chard.

A moist seedbed and soon we'll have the first sprouts of 2011...

The sun was kind to our soil today...

Another quick project was to re-connect our downspouts to the cistern. We simply cut a hole in the cistern lid and inserted the downspout (wrapping it in foam to fill any gaps that might allow small critters to fall into the water).

Here's the set-up, all ready for the next showers. We plan to install an overflow as well. Once the cistern is full the overflow will transmit extra water to another location (perhaps a constructed wetland or something along those lines).


  1. Hi J&S..Oh to put my hands in warm soil and smell that earthy smell!!
    I really like your frames ..they turned out great. Looks like a nice spot to!!
    You've got me excited now!!
    Will be waiting to hear about the first sprouts!! : }}


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