Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Raised Beds From Scavenged Wood and Free Rusty Nails

The unbelievable amount and variety of lumber left behind by the previous occupants of our place has come in handy for many free projects so far. Today we used this free lumber and a box of free old rusty nails to build 4 raised bed frames. Here's Jennifer laying out some boards. Our strategy was to minimize cuts (to save time) so we matched up like-size lumber to that end.

Who cares if they are bent and rusty, these nails were free!

Steve nailing up an end.

 Jennifer laying our another bed frame.

One more down.

Jennifer using plenty of nails so these babies with hold a lot of soil without falling apart.

Laying out boards for the last of 4 raised bed frames.

The final nail. We were as excited as the person who got to drive that gold spike connecting the trans-continental railroad! Jennifer has been researching nearby sources of decent compost to use in a mix to fill these up. Soon we will be planting root crops such as carrots, potatoes and beets! Free materials make for a satisfying project.


  1. Good for you! I look forward to seeing what grows out of those free beds.

  2. Hi J&S...don't you just love FREE!!
    Your right rust and all there going to anyway. lol
    I think you bought more than a house, maybe a small hardware store and lumber yard to boot!!
    Does this mean you have given up the sod removing type garden?? or is this only a jump start!!

  3. We will still be removing sod from the rest of the garden. The part of the garden we put raised beds in is wet so we thought this would be a good way to utilize the space! :)

  4. Great! It's so wonderful that the previous owners were considerate enough to leave you with all these supplies:)

    Can't wait to see what you two having growing in these later!


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