Monday, March 14, 2011

Seed Starting Rack

Project weekend!  Shop organized - check!  Seed starting rack -check!  Cold frame - check! (more on that in our next post)

Our first order of business was to organize the shop and tools.  We've moved so many times over the past few years this stuff is just everywhere, but Saturday we worked to get all the tools that are here with us in the same location and to put short screws with short screws, rivets with rivets, etc.  Here's Steve with the last of the piles. 

Sweeping out the debris....

and voila!  Much more organized than before; there are still odds and ends to work out, but we will get there.  The main point is now we can do projects much more easily and enjoy ourselves more.  It's not too fun needing a hammer and realizing it could be any number of places.  Glad that's done.

Once we functionalized the space (new word?) we got to work building our seed starting rack.  First, we gathered boards from our salvage pile and put together the sides. 

Two people makes the work go faster and, of course, makes it more fun! Steve is always entertained by Jennifer's squeals of excitement as a project comes together. 

After the sides, we added the joining shelf supports.

And then cut the shelves from leftover plywood. 

Once we put the shelves in we had to....

put a few seed starting trays on just for fun. 

We will move the shelf into the house later this week after we pick up and attach a few shop lights.  Then - planting time!


  1. Hi J&S..Clean up job looks great,but that makes me look bad!!
    My bench is a mess.. over the winter it has been pile it on and get back where it is warm, but I can find a hammer lol
    Your making me yearn for the days when I used to be able to do all that, but I get to watch your work.. from my chair!!

  2. Great racks and the garage is getting organized:)


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