Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seed Starting

We're a little late for some seeds, but we finally got all the ones started that required early indoor planting and that we had room for.  We dug into our seed starting bin and found an assortment of collected containers to use.  Remember the homemade toilet paper pots?  We used up our whole stash!

We prepared all the pots and filled them with a seed starting mix from Garden's Alive

Then we wet the soil and planted the seeds!  We started: tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, onions, basil, nicotiana,weld and indigo.  We started a lot of each of the vegetables so we had no extra space for plants that don't require indoor starting but benefit from it, except for the basil. 

Our collection of seed starting pots included old yogurt containers, leftover peat pots (which we won't buy again due to wetland degradation/destruction for this material), packing materials and of course the toilet paper pots.  We had two trays to hold the pots, but made the rest out of clear salad containers we kept.

Here's the final setup:

We found the two additional shop lights at Home Depot for around $10/each.

Think good germination! :)


  1. Awesome and ambitious! Your garden is gonna be sweet!! Can't wait to see some posts of the little greenies poking through the soil. So happy spring is acomin'
    ~Vonnie, NH

  2. looks great! thanks for the heads up about peat pots, i have some leftovers i'm using now, but won't buy them again. i usually took the seedlings out of the pot anyway, and just buried the torn up pot in the soil (it never seemed like the roots could get through very easily).
    cannot WAIT to see that massive garden growing!

  3. Hi J&S...Well are we just move right along! Good ideas to use what you have...I didn't like the peat either...the roots ended up in a ball ...and you couldn't peel it away without harming the roots!
    I think the cat must have been a big help lol!!

  4. Think good germination?

    I'm thinking Salsa!


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