Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall: A Time to Savor at Knox County Parks

We are loving every moment of this beautiful season and are getting out to explore whenever we can. We visited a couple of Knox County parks last week and noted the turning of the sassafras trees at Wolf Run.  These trees are incredibly cool so naturally we want to plant some at our place!  They are hard to find in the nursery industry though, even amongst native plant growers, so we are looking to propagate some in the future.  Check out these colors!

To top off the coolness of these trees, the fruits are LOVED by birds!  We hardly ever find the trees in fruit because the tasty morsels disappear so quickly into the bellies of appreciative critters.

We also took a walk through Knox Woods State Nature Preserve and noted the largest red maple either of us have ever seen....

and the biggest eastern ratsnake!  (If you know reptiles, please let us know if we confused this snake with a black racer...we are working on improving in this area!)

What a beauty!

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  1. lovely fall hike! i think its a rat snake...but i'm no expert either


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