Friday, October 25, 2013

Firing Up Our Multi-Media Entertainment Center For the Winter Season

We had our first snow a couple of days ago and we pledged to embrace winter this year. One strategy to promote that is the annual firing-up of our multi-media entertainment center.

Tonight we did just that, much to the liking of Flora, our portly little long-haired tabby cat:

The cave-person in us says, "Fire...Good"!

Embrace the seasons!


  1. I got my chimney cleaned last winter and enjoyed a few fires in the fireplace. It hasn't gotten cold here yet, but I'm looking forward to fires and soup making weather. Happy Autumn!

  2. Hi J &S ...Wow is cold here but no snow!!
    I've been pilling wood that helps keep me warm : ), wood has a duel perhaps in keeping us warm!!
    You look all cozy there!!



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