Saturday, October 19, 2013

Preparing for Frost

Frost is expected tonight and a freeze Tuesday night so we are preparing to protect these cold tolerant Cabbage (Coir di bue and Nero di Toscano), Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Blue Curled Scotch Kale.

Winter mesclun, spinach and cilantro are ready for protection in the coldframe.

Beets and kohlrabi are ready for cleaning. We eat the beet greens so the whole plant is a gem for us. We left some beets in the garden with a cover and harvested many of the large ones.

I (Jennifer) used fencing to create a quick make-shift cover to last until we make time to bend the metal conduit we bought to make a sturdier mini-hoop house.

This will probably be the last of the flowering nasturtiums and calendula till next year.  I harvested a fair amount of nasturtium, zinnia and marigold seeds to dry and save.  I also cut quite a few of the calendula blooms to use in our soap.

The lettuce is so beautiful and is feeding us daily.

The trees are really starting to turn in central Ohio...

and the gourds are ready for display!

We grow all this food to cook, of course.  The recent Vegetarian Times had a tasty potpie recipe we made this week.  YUM.  The perfect food for a cold, rainy day.


  1. I love fall! Can't believe you have to prepare for a frost/freeze already!

  2. The garden is as lovely as ever. Today I'm pulling all the tomatoes, ripe or not, and continuing the Big Move of all tender perennials I may have missed! A Winter Mix is forecast for Thursday!

  3. Hi J&S.. So far so good here, not a killing frost yet!!
    Oh yes it will be coming sooner them I would like most likely !!
    Baby beets with the greens on are making my mouth water love them!!
    Lovely post of what's going on there in preparation for the weather to come!!
    The colors are gorgeous!!


  4. Looking wonderful over there! Can't wait until we're able to put in our own permanent cold frames and have lettuce as beautiful as your's this late in the season. Delicious! We're just about past the best color here now, but it was a wonderful display this year! Peace to you during this season! ~Vonnie


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