Sunday, October 13, 2013

There's a Reason for Every Dumpster Dive, Eventually...

We've been pulling stuff out of the trash for years now and, usually, the Obtainium generates some creativity fairly quickly. But not always. Sometime one must wait years for the right project to come along. That was the case with 8 clear glass blocks that we pulled from the trash when we lived in Sante Fe, NM. Someone had replaced their bathroom and these glass blocks must have been part of their shower. In any event, we thought they were cool and so we grabbed them and have since been transporting them around for years!

No more...we've found a use:

A couple of our basement windows had been boarded up and the outsides back-filled with soil. This we found annoying and so, at long last, we exhumed these two former openings to the sun and...

...using five dollars worth of solid concrete blocks, 4 salvaged concrete blocks, some salvaged caulk and caulk gun, 15 bucks worth of grout and the salvaged glass blocks, we:

Here is the new opening. It will be back-filled up to the glass blocks to give the proper grade away from the house for drainage and....

...we still get a good bit of light into the basement!

Short of becoming a hoarder, one should always hang onto those salvaged items as they someday, somehow, provide the nucleus of an idea, inspiration, creation or project. 


  1. Oh i know what you mean i save stuff forever....this is a great use of some found items!!! The extra light will make a big difference in the basement i bet.

  2. Hi J&S... What a chuckle you two are, but I am right there with you !!
    I love those block you did a great job with them !!
    They so remind me of the cellar ( yes it was a cellar when I was a kid, and the basement is where we went to the bathroom when I was a kid in school) LOL, there was glass blocks for window in the "basement"of my home for years where I grew up!!
    I wish I had them!!

    Sorry haven't been by...goggle was goofing up my commenting!!



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