Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Cats, Soap & Snow (+ morning bird list)

This morning, I am stringing some disconnected thoughts together (that's the nature of my mind today) starting with our kitty cats and their total fascination with our Christmas tree! Who knew? I've taken to calling them our Presents. Bobcat is featured in the first two photographs and Bounder in the following two.

Who could ever be comfortable resting your head on a metal bar? If you look closely you will see Bounder's mouth is open; a true sign of sound sleep.

Thought 2:

I worked yesterday afternoon to put on all the soap labels that I described how to make here. I have a nice little pile of soap ready to go to the holiday artisans sale on Saturday. Yay!

Thought 3:

It's snowing here this morning and the sky is sporting that wintry sky look. I plan on taking a hike in a few hours at Arrowhead Marsh and will be certain to post some winter photos tomorrow.

Thought 4:

From my window here by the computer, I see: Northern cardinals, dark-eyed juncos, tufted titmice, Carolina chickadees, a red-bellied woodpecker, white-crowed sparrows, mourning doves & a song sparrow feeding on some scattered bird seed and native plant seeds. I am continually amazed by little bird's ability to survive in winter with such cold temperatures & limited food resources. A true natural wonder.

Hope you all enjoy your day!


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  1. Rusty and Moses have been hanging out under our tree too! They love to play with the tree skirt:)


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