Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Couple Bits Of Inspiration

There's no shortage of bad news out there but there's also not shortage of good news and inspiring things going on. Here's a couple we've bumbled across recently:

A recent Speaking of Faith episode about "Auburn's Rural Studio in western Alabama draws architectural students into the design and construction of homes and public spaces in some of the poorest counties. They're creating beautiful and economical structures that are not only unique but nurture sustainability of the natural world as of human dignity."


This group which is involved in "...building the Buffalo Commons step-by-step by bringing indigenous prairies back and restoring healthy, sustainable communities to the Great Plains. From the Indian reservation to the prairie inner city to the High Plains outback and beyond, GPRC brings people together to establish creative, effective solutions that enhance and respect our natural environment, native wildlife, human communities, and the health and dignity of all people. GPRC places a major emphasis on building strong Ecological Health leadership in our youth..."

WOW!!! There is wellspring of inspiration for positive change out there and a peace army afoot. Exciting times we all live in................

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