Friday, December 26, 2008

Incredible New Field Guide for NE Indiana Nature Preserves

What goes best with organic/fair-trade/shade-grown coffee? I like my chickadee bird mug and my incredible new ACRES Land Trust Preserve Guide!

As long-time users and coveters of maps, guides and tips on visiting natural areas we are extremely excited to now have the entire works in one handy ring-bound and field-handy package. At least that's the case for most of the nature preserves in NE Indiana and parts of MI and OH. Check this gem out:

Start with the overview map, which shows the portions of the 3 states in which ACRES protects land:

Hone in with the county maps, which give a great view of where specific preserves are within a given county and in relation to one another. These are great for route planning on days when visiting multiple preserves:

Once you get close, consult the preserve-specific section for better-than-GPS (no dead batteries!) navigation to the parking area. (Latitute and longitude are provided for GPS-ers). The preserve-specific sections have photos, descriptions of natural history features, local history and more:

If that's not enough (and it certainly is), there's a bonus section on commonly sighted wildflowers, trees and animal tracks:

The culmination of the collective work of many area nature lovers is complete! The new ACRES Land Trust Preserve Guide is available now! Get one here.

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