Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Craftiness Unveiled Part 2: Homemade Seed Packets

This year we shared seeds with family collected in our gardens by separating seeds, crafting our own seed packets and writing up growing instructions.

We collected a mix of native wildflower seeds to benefit birds & butterflies (& all sort of critters really) and a few non-native beneficial garden plants. Collecting and then sorting the seeds from the chaff is so much fun. REALLY! You learn so much about seed & plant structure and sometimes get to experience really wonderful fragrances like with the bergamot - a mint.

Bounder always likes to help...

To craft our seed packets, I pulled apart another seed packet I had...

traced it on a piece of cardstock & cut out the pattern. (The camera did not like this subject matter.)

I then traced the pattern onto old calendars & magazine pages we had, cut the packet out & glued the edges together like the original seed packet (except for the top flap)...

While the glue dried on the packets, I typed up seed growing instructions, cut them out and glued them to the seed packets.

For the final step, I added our separated seed & glued the top flap. That's it!


  1. you guys are complete geniuses- what a great idea. the perfect christmas gift- daydreams of springtime.....

  2. I *love* this idea and it's very do-able. Thanks for sharing your cleverness!

  3. Once again, I am in awe of your craftiness:)


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