Monday, December 1, 2008

Soap Labels from Paper Bags

In preparation for the 6th Annual Holiday Artisan's Sale at Teasel Hill (more on that later this week), I stumbled on a handy repurposed paper idea. 4 batches of soap are curing here at Coffeetree Bottoms awaiting nice labels for sale on Saturday and I preferred to use some sort of paper already in my possession. After looking around a bit I found some paper sacks and bird seed bag liners that seemed like they might look mighty fine.

Here's what I used: recycled paper bags of any sort, pencil, scissors & rulers.

I created my soap labels in Microsoft Publisher and so wanted my paper to run through our ink jet printer. Therefore, I needed 8 1/2 x 11 fairly flat pieces of bag. First, cut your bags apart and separate the usable pieces from the non usable (to be recycled or repurposed for something else such as wrapping paper).

Next, use your straight edges to measure out (and lightly mark) as many 8 1/2 x 11 pieces on one section of bag as you can. Cut them out.

Now for the printing - Determine if your printer prints on the top or bottom of the paper so you load your paper properly. I put one piece of my paper bag paper in at a time. I experienced one or two jams, but overall I was quite impressed with how well our printer did with all the crinkles and bumps in my paper. You can be more selective in the pieces you cut out; I like to push the limits.

Cut your labels out; it's helpful if in your label template you placed a dotted text box where you want to cut to ensure straight edges.

Wrap your labels around your soap (or whatever you are labeling) and use a smear of glue stick to secure the label.

Look at all the wrinkles in this label and how well it printed!

Back & bottom views of the labels...

I love how these turned out and feel even better that no new resources, other than ink, went into their production.



  1. I am so impressed! They look fantastic and very professional. You're just always so creative.

    I have to say that I am also very impressed with your printer. Ours won't pull anything thru except regular paper;-(

  2. Outstanding work! Good thoughts from beginning to end. I hope you sell 100,000 of them!

  3. FANTASTIC! I love, love, love what you've done! I use recycled paper to wrap my soaps, but secure them with brown kraft paper labels. Never in a thousand year would I have thought to send the recycled material straight through the printer. Awesome!


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