Thursday, April 30, 2009

Antique Coffee Mugs - Our New Favs

Most all of our dishes are antiques found here and there. A random hodge podge of patterns and colors really. One thing we always keep an eye open for are great coffee mugs. What makes a great coffee mug for us? Heft for one. We have some dainty cups and those just don't quite feel right. We also always require a good handle. One that preferably fits two fingers so you can hold the warm cup close to your hands. And of course a cool pattern - love, love, love the blue inside these mugs! We so lucked out this past weekend at an antique store here in Carlsbad. We found 6 of these mugs...

Sturdy, great handle and such an awesome feel in our hands.

Now one of our friends collects this pattern because her Mema passed her set on. 2 mugs are staying with guess who the extra 4 mugs are going to?


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