Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Handspun Blue Faced Leicester & Cria Yarn

With moving and settling in, life has been a bit chaotic and so my (Jennifer) crafting is sort of on the back burner, but I did recently finish spinning the last of my roving - a Blue Faced Leicester & Cria (black & white) blend from my friend Jamie at Wooly Knob Fiber Mill. You can see this yarn in the front left of the photo below. The wool/cria blend is so super soft; it was really wonderful to spin. I finally wound the blue yarn I talked about here into balls and am making a cool little project with some of it...I will show that once finished. I don't have a ball winder and so am just winding by hand for now.

Here's a closeup of my yarn...

I don't have a niddy-noddy either so I am just wrapping the yarn around my arm to prepare for washing...

I need to restock my roving supply very soon. I want to buy some non-dyed roving too so I can try my hand at dyeing using this book as a good reference.

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