Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting Settled In...

Hey there blog family! This is my (Jennifer) first post since we've arrived. Things are put away, sleep is more regular and road food is done. Hallelujah! Pictured is our first true homecooked meal here in Carlsbad - Coconut, Sweet Potato & Spinach soup and Wheat Germ Anadama bread. YUM.

The feline members of our family, after their 1300 mile trip across country in crates, are starting to settle too. Bounder is still catching up on sleep...

and Bobcat is under here chair, but starting to emerge more in the evening. She even stayed out during our breakfast! Progress I say.

Our plants are loving the continuous sunshine...remember the horseradish I dug up to bring here? Here it is (on the left) - growing, growing, growing! This weekend I plan to transplant into a much larger pot for good root growth.

And finally - a welcome package from my sister - Lori. I'm sorry to admit I don't know who the characters are in the pictures, but I do know those earrings are handmade by Lo!

The earrings are hammered silver and are in my ears as I write. I LOVE these, don't you? She writes a blog here and sells here jewelry here.

Now for some cookie making! Oh - I cannot wait for some homemade cookies!


  1. Glad to hear you are settling in. I can't wait to hear about your patio gardening adventures.

    Keep me posted if you make new soap. I used the last bar up!

  2. So glad it's all going well and the kitties are finally adjusting:)

    You're very welcome for the package! Mal loves to send things to people.

  3. So... How do you make that soup??? And the bread? They look so YUMMY!

    We are also on Kitchen Gardners on Ning together, BTW


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