Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Side Yard

We have a patch of ground in front of our apartment and one on the side. Our apartment faces south so the patch out front would be a nice growing space except for the large tree just west of it shading it most of the day and the kid's playground that forms out there due to the two swings hanging from the tree. One of the kids from the neighborhood already dubbed me (jennifer) "her friend." What she said when asked what she was doing sitting on our porch with me is: "I'm talking to my friend." It had the "like, duh" feel to it. So cute really.

The side yard it is then! The side yard is on the east side of our apartment and gets shaded some so we will see how it works. It seems for the summer season when the temperatures get so hot, it might be ideal. Here's a view facing south....

And north...
You can see we live in tight quarters with our neighbors, but everyone we've met so far is super nice and respectful of one another.

The catnip & unidentified rescued mint are now outdoors along with some newly planted calendula saved from our garden last year.

The horseradish is very happy with its larger pot.

We are picking out seeds tonight. We plan on starting small with herbs and a few other things to try out our gardening skills in the dry air and hot daytime temperatures and cool nighttime temperatures.


  1. Wow, that soil looks, um, challenging? You are going to keep it all in pots right? Love the new header!

  2. your old place and your new place are quite the opposite, as far as yard, aren't they?! i am sure the 2 of you will figure it out and make it work. are you considering raised boxes? glad you have a new friend already! alicia cb

  3. Yes, the gardening at this little spot will be different than than large and lush spot in Indiana. I think we will keep it to pots for now and perhaps stick a few different seeds in the ground that are adapted to the arid climate and see what happens. I am not sure the sunlight will be enough or how the water situation will work out so want to not invest a lot at first. This yard was the home of a great dane prior to our arrival if you can believe that.

  4. Looks like enough space for you to grow a few things. I'm sure you can work out the logisitics of it:)


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