Tuesday, April 21, 2009

McKittrick Canyon, Guadalupe National Park, Part 2

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All of nature is magical. The desert regions of the southwestern United States 
are certainly no exception. We love to come across spectacular and 
unexpected places such as McKittrick Canyon amidst the vastness of the 
Chihuahuan desert. Where else could we admire dry-adapted plants such as....



And Sotol:

....growing in the same canyon as deciduous woody plant that we are familiar with from growing up in the midwest:

Honeysuckle (native species):

Ash (velvet ash):

Walnut (Texas Walnut):

Texas Madrone (same family as rhododendron!):

Hophornbean (Knowlton Hophornbeam):

Chinkapin Oak (this same species occurs in our woodlands of Indiana):

Black Cherry (again, same as midwestern species):

Maple (Bigleaf Maple):

Needless to say, we made slow progress on our hike as we had to stop at every corner to marvel
at these incredible associations and at the beauty in general. Stay tuned for a few of the
wildflowers of McKittrick Canyon!

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