Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dry Land Planting

First - Happy Earth Day all! Go hug a tree or plant a tree or take a reuseable bag to the store or walk/bike to your errands instead of drive or give a little money to a local conservation non-profit.  Let us know if you do anything to celebrate!

This past weekend we spent some time planting a few native plants we purchased from the Carlsbad Horticultural Society.  All the plants are perennials and offer nice blooms for arthropods and hummingbirds - if there are any in the neighborhood.  We will see who shows up at our place!

The plants: Lavender Spice (Poliomintha maderensis), Pink Gaura (Gaura lindheimeri), Texas Rose Penstemon (Penstemon wrightii), Paper Flower (Psilostrophe cooperii) & Purple Verbena (Verbena gooddingii)

A close up of the purple verbena: 

Steve also salvaged a few cacti and succulents that were laying around town to see if he could get them to root.  Some of them were pretty shriveled up so we will see.  

Prickly pear cacti: 

A mix: cholla, ocotillo, agave and some other sort of barrel cactus.

Note: The remaining McKittrick Canyon photos will be shared over the next day or two.

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