Friday, June 12, 2009

The Garden is coming along!

My (Jennifer) mom and sister are on the road back to IN today. We enjoyed such a super nice visit with them and I am sad to see them go but thankful for the trek they made out here to see us. :) Since my lieu days are Friday and Saturday, Steve took this Friday off as well so we can hang out and relax after the super busy week at work. (lots of firsts, but now a few will be seconds and easier - yay!)

Garden Update! Our tiny little garden patch is doing pretty well. I recently stuck a few lemon cucumber seeds in a newly cleared area and they are germinating nicely. We will see how they do setting flower in the June heat.

The chamomile is growing slowly but well. I love this herb!

The basil is also doing really well - we are getting very close to our first pesto batch! YUM.

We only planted two tomato plants this spring because we heard terrible things about growing tomatoes here. The romas are just starting to turn colors. Our beefsteak tomato is a little behind and currently has one tomato growing. No new flowers are setting yet.

The hubbard squash and gourds are growing like crazy. Our fenced area will soon be a solid wall of vegetation. Much prettier I think. :)

Our zucchini are kickin' it! I mean really - lots of flower production and small fruits...

even a big fruit we just found today!

In the next two photos you can see the zucchini completely taking over the path in the foreground and the hubbards & gourds swallowing the fence in the background. The sunflowers are growing a few inches every day too.

Finally - the cats most special treat: catnip. We had to put this crate over the top a week or so ago because the neighborhood cats found the plant and almost destroyed the whole thing by rolling in it. We found lots of little chewed leaves and all sorts of cat hair covering it. Bounder was very suspicious of the smell for a few days. :) Now everyone can enjoy.

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  1. Wow! Your garden has exploded! I am pleased to see you are having so much success in this new climate. Good for you!


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