Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Carlsbad N.P. Pics

Just a few of the things that occur here naturally....

Delaware Basin. We are told that an arm of an ancient sea once covered this vast, low basin. Its part of the wonders of the area's geologic history (but more on that in future posts)

Storms and Chihuahuan Desert:

Showy Flameflower. This one blooms mainly in the afternoon. Its in the Purslane family which some of you will know as the family that also contains a creeping purslane which is a common garden weed. The leaves of both are succulent:

As yet unidentified butterfly (anyone know it?):

Yeah, it is...

...a real rattlesnake. I came within about 2 feet of this one the other day at work. Its a black-tailed rattlesnake:

Pipevie Swallowtail Butterfly departing from a verbena:

Black Swallowtail Butterfly still partaking of a verbena:

The Natural Entrance to the main trail into the cave system:

As yet unidentified, but very beautiful flower (check out those ragged petals). Anyone know it:

Never hurts to end with a rainbow!


  1. Beautiful! I cannot wait to take some photos today:)

  2. Way cool rattler. How big was it? It is hard to get some perspective from the photo.

    Did ya cut the buttons off? ;)



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