Sunday, June 28, 2009

Working Together

So our job schedules now give us only one day per week off together which is a bummer but we've found that we can compress all of our together-fun into that one day. We each have another day off by ourselves to focus on cooking, gardening, etc. It'll do for now!

Jennifer started out on her day off by harvesting basil from our apartment garden and then making a simple yet delicious pesto-pasta dish topped with Roma tomatoes that are also from our garden:

She then made some incredible bread:

...and tasty tea:

Inspired, Steve took his day off and made a double batch of cranberry-pecan (there are a lot of pecan groves around here) oatmeal cookies:

...and a bunch of other stuff including enchiladas, a ton of burritos, and a bunch of grains (butter beans, red beans, rice, and barley):

We also planted five more tomato plants that we got from some great new friends who grow heirloom tomatoes on their farm just outside of Carlsbad.

We now have plenty to eat for the week and lots of interesting tomatoes in our near future!!

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