Friday, June 19, 2009

Morning Glory Prominent a.k.a. Checkered-fringe Prominent

It's caterpillar time again! YAY! Pictured is a morning glory or checkered-fringe prominent according to the source you refer to. This super cool caterpillar is feeding on soapberry tree here in Carlsbad New Mexico, but is quite a generalist and will also feed on basswood, cherry, birch, beech, blackberry, chestnut, dogwood, elm, hackberry, hawthorn, maple, oak, rose, witch hazel, etc. Here's an interesting tidbit: "The caterpillar carves out a leaf notch in which it positions itself. From a distance of a few feet the caterpillar resembles a dead, curled-over leaf edge far more than it does food for a clutch of hungry nestlings." (Caterpillars of Eastern America - David Wagner) The caterpillar will metamorphosis into white,brown & tan colored moth.

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