Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rain, Herps & the Desert

We are entering monsoon season here soon if we are not in it already. Fairly frequent rains have provided the necessary moisture for all sorts of wildflower blooms and greenery. In the photo below ocotillo are fully leafed out and a little pool of water collected after the prior evening's rain. The next day while driving to work we heard some sort of herp singing in a nearby flooded area. We need to investigate this further this weekend. Things happen fast here due to evaporation and lack of frequent replenishing water so we need to be on it!

On the same trail we spotted this sweet fella - a Crevice Spiny Lizard, Sceloporus poinsettii. (This seems right, but any of our expert herp friends please feel free to correct us if this is not so!)

Finally - cacti. Not sure what type, but they are flatter like a pancake and cool.

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  1. What - monsoon season in the desert?! It's about time you got some rain:)


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