Monday, November 16, 2009

Drying Culinary Herbs is Easy!

On a whim the night of our first predicted frost, I cut a number of herbs and strung them up in the kitchen to dry. Since our climate is arid the herbs dried in about 1 week.

I stripped or crunched the leaves off and enjoyed a little help from Bounder when I cleaned the catnip. The herbs were so fragrant!

Finally, I put the dried herbs in jars and labeled them. I stored the jars out of the sun to help preserve the freshness and strung up what was left of our fresh herbs since this worked so well. I am so wishing I had dried more!


  1. have you done any research on what is recommended for shelf life? i wonder if you dried a LOT, would it be worth freezing and then defrosting in batches or would this be uneccessary since they are dry? i want to do this next year, it seems fairly easy. i guess the dry climate helps, but a food dehydrater would work too. acb

  2. i have some of my herbs hanging to dry right now!

  3. I've not done any research on shelf life and am not sure about freezing. Hmmm. Good points to look up!


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