Thursday, November 5, 2009

Super Simple Garden Row Cover

Sure it's warm in Carlsbad (today was sunny and 70, tonight 46) but winter-like weather will eventually come along even here. Therefore, we thought we might try a simple row cover (mini greenhouse, essentially) and some fall cold weather crops. So while walking through the lumber store the other day we spied some translucent roofing panels and some contractor layout stake and we had the makings of a simple row cover:

Here's how we did it.

The contractor layout stakes were the perfect length once the sharp end was cut off:

Then we simply screwed the stakes to the roofing panel to create the arc of the row cover:

Attachment detail:

One on each end...

.. and one in the middle...

...holds the shape. We'll close the ends up with clear plastic.

We planted some fall greens and such and now are waiting for the first seedlings!

We would have preferred to build a more substantial frame but we live in an apartment for goodness' sake! If you want to get fancier, check in with the masters of 4 season gardening.


  1. Very inventive! Have you read Coleman's new book? A lot of good info.

  2. We've not yet read the book, but plan to this winter. :)

  3. I'm so impressed! You two are so crafty and always thinking outside the box:)

  4. Even not in an apartment, that is great! I bet it is nice and lightweight and managable too. Fortunately it stays fairly mild here, but that is a great way to extend the season on small greens and stuff.


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