Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dumpster Workbench, Continued

Ever notice that once you finally pull together the gumption to get something started then things really get started? "Build it and they'll come." is another way to put that.

Well that's kind of how things are leaning since I built the Dumpster Workbench a couple of day ago. The day after I built the dumpster workbench, we were walking down the road and saw this poor little dresser to be thrown out:

The only good thing about cheaply made furniture is that it's easy to take apart for the wood:

Between the dresser and the extra wood from a trashed piano that I salvaged, I'm pretty well set for awhile. To celebrate, I did a bit of carving today:

It was so darn nice out - teeshirt weather!

To celebrate even more I painted the dumpster workbench some sassy southwest colors:

Not spending money has never been so much fun!

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