Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Last Day at Work Together...for Now...

It's been a quick 6 months but we've had the greatest of fun working together at the park! Caves, canyons, desert, forest, wetlands and all the unique plants and animals (and a lot of interesting co-workers as well as visitors from around the globe) - all add up to an immeasurably rich experience. Steve will be at the park a bit longer and we'll both continue to explore the area until the next leg of our work-journey together begins...

Here we are at the entrance to the park on Jennifer's last day:

Here's Jennifer with a fitting memento (a great metal-sculpture bat, made in AZ):

So much fun, so little time!


  1. Very cool sculpture. Looking beautiful as always my dear sis:)

  2. You'll never believe this but I have the same bat! We sell them where I work. I love their eyes. Henry's metal art makes them. They do cool buzzards and stuff too. What will you be doing next?

  3. Thanks Lo! Michelle - that's so fun you have a metal bat too! I really love her - yes her, Steve named her Carlita for Carlsbad. :) Now that I'm finished for the season I am taking care of all the home stuff and getting back to more cooking, gardening and crafting. Steve and I are also spending lots of time hiking. We are backpacking this weekend in the Guadalupe Mountains and Thanksgiving weekend heading up to Bosque del Apache. I bet you may have been there! We've been two other times and just love it so much.


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