Monday, March 7, 2011

Garden Preparations

The large lawn space north or our house is the site we picked for our garden.  Staked out it measures 60'x80'.  This will be our biggest garden yet!

There is a huge amount of grass to be removed prior to planting.  We've talked through the various options and feel fairly certain we are going to rent a sod cutter and cut large strips of sod out.  We will then manually remove the strips and either compost them or create some sort of earthen sod wall.  It's going to be a gigantic undertaking, but we manually cut the sod off at Coffeetree Bottoms so we feel certain we can do this.  The lasagna gardening method is good if you have time and lots of materials to layer, but we do not.  Tilling is going to wreck the soil structure and allow for too many resprouts on the grass.  Sod cutting it is!

 The seeds are ordered and in hand...

We ordered the bulk of our seeds this year from Fedco.  So far we are very impressed with this company.

You're not going to find a bunch of colorful pictures in this magazine, which is one of their methods to keep costs down, but you will find delicious descriptions of some amazing plants. 

As soon as we dry out here, sod cutting begins; in the meantime, a seed starting rack is on the agenda.


  1. Hi J&S..Quite an undertaking for sure, but doable!!
    Been there done that many times over the years!!
    Layers of home made compost, aged cow manure straight from local farms....whew I did all that?? ..I"m tired just thinking about it!! lol
    Fedco is a good company..your on the right track for sure!!

  2. 60'x80' is not a garden. It's a farm!

    I so envy all of the sunshine you'll be getting.

    I'm behind schedule on starting seeds due to our rain so I'll be watching closely here to see what you're up to.

    Have fun with the starting rack and may all of your seeds sprout!

  3. Awesome!! I cannot wait to start my own little garden this spring:)

  4. Wow! I can't wait to see regular updates on this!! And your house. And your woodworking projects. And your soap. You are two busy people. I love it.


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