Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guest Room Available

Wow, we've finally gotten the guest bedroom finished. Check it out:

Bounder finds this comfortable but boring.

Bobcat is liking this already.

Making the beds up with colorful quilts.

A well-earned break.

Our "B&B" is open for business!


  1. Hi J&S..B&B whats for breakfast??
    That room looks cozy, comfortable, and cheery...and a added plus cats. lol
    Real nice!!

  2. Love it! We'll have to book our stay soon:)

  3. who hoo!

    I cannot wait to pay you a visit. Let's figure out a time soon!

  4. looks so cozy! You're doing a great job there...and now we'll have a place to stay for our potluck dinner! We can make a weekend of it (if ONLY I weren't in NH!). ~Vonnie

  5. It looks so pretty! Can I make reservations? ;)


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