Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Carrots in November too...

In late August or early September (I can't remember which), I sowed a second round of carrots which we just dug up. We call the carrots baby carrots because they are small (probably due to shortening days), but they are some of the most perfect carrots we've even seen. We plan on making some vegetarian pot pies for Thanksgiving with our homegrown squash & onions and some purchased rice (& who knows what else) and figure these little carrots will make a great addition!

We grew two types of carrots this summer: Nantes Coreless Carrot from Seeds of Change and Dragon Carrot from Seed Savers Exchange. The Dragon Carrots are this most amazing purple on the outside while the inside remains yellow-orange. So beautiful and delicious!

I am already dreaming of next summers garden and am anxiously awaiting the 2009 seed catalogs!


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