Monday, November 17, 2008

What's Next?

"What's Next?"

Such a short question but with an infinity of potential answers!

Recently, a group of Orion Magazine contributors, staff and supporters gathered at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico to ask of themselves and each other: "What's Next?"

One person in particular, (Theron Horton of, spoke some very humble yet eloquent words:

"The recognition that those of us who aspire to speak, must learn also to listen...must learn to listen very deeply...and that would be our authorization to begin to speak."

We all aspire to speak - whatever the language of our passions (and whether we know it yet or not). So let's listen - to ourselves and to each other - and especially to those who we have become accustomed to ignore. Despite the recent deluge of negative media coverage of an array of negative happenings, it seems that collective good is afoot and coalescing. 'bout darn time!

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