Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goodbye Lawnmower

Hey all...exciting news! Our post today is written by guest blogger Adam W.; a great friend with all kinds of great ideas. If you want a super cool building (or just about anything else) designed - he is your man. Fun fact about Adam - he hiked the John Muir Trail last year...211 miles! Without further ado, here's Adams' post:

This is my yard.

It's not large by any stretch of the imagination but as a house warming gift, my father bought me a nice powerful four horse power lawn mower. It was a much appreciated gesture and I thanked him. The grass stood no chance against this powerful machine. It mulched my lawn with speed and power but also anything else in its way including tree bark and sticks.

Squirrels, birds and my dog ran for cover when I started it up. I simply fed it oil and gas and it kept on cutting. I grew annoyed with it quickly because it seemed like just too much machine for my needs. The powerful self-propelled wheels continually dug holes into my yard. The random mulched pieces of sticks, or the occasional rock, were propelled against my shins and my house. (run animals, run!) My ears would ring from the loud engine.

I decided enough was enough and recycled the mower by giving it to my brother who was looking to purchase one. My family thought I was crazy when I told them I wanted an old-fashioned human powered scroll mower. I tried to explain that I didn't need it, let alone the fact that I didn't want another engine around my house. Again, they looked at me like I was crazy, but I didn't let it deter me and I purchased my new mower.

This is a very simple machine. Two wheels, one cutting blade, one scrolling assembly and one handle. It is light, easy to maneuver, quieter and actually fun to use. Sure, it takes a few minutes longer to finish the yard and I can't cut through sticks, but it is perfect for my needs.

I have had strange looks and laughs from some neighbors, but also smiles and 'thumbs up' from others. It is an interesting world we live in where people assume you have to have a gasoline powered mower simply because you have grass. This mower actually promotes better lawn health because it cuts the blade of grass and doesn't tear it to pieces. It also provides good exercise, will never need gas or oil, does not pollute, is extremely low maintenance, is recyclable, is inexpensive and will save a lot of money in life cycle costs when compared to a gasoline powered mower.

Oh wait, one more reason why I switched.

This is my wife, Jenny, and son Paxton. We love the world around us and want to be able to raise our son in a place that is cleaner & healthier than the world we grew up in. A lawn mower may seem small, but anything that can be done to improve our world, should be done.

So goodbye lawn mowing monster, good bye.

Jen & Steve Comment: We might be getting past lawn mowing season, but we hope you might take the winter, mull over Adam's thoughts and give an old fashioned scroll mower a chance this upcoming spring. We switched a few years ago and it has made all the difference!


  1. I'm so happy I switched too! No need for all that noise and pollution.

  2. We bought our reel mower (I'd never heard it called a 'scroll' before - I like that!) a few years ago and love it. Thanks for linking to my soap blog!


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