Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you have a computer or tv?

If so, you need to check out this site. We do not have a tv, but we do have 3 computers and are thinking long and hard about what to do with them when they don't work anymore. The link we included features a video (about 15 minutes) highlighting just one of the places our techno junk ends up and what it is doing to the folks that live there and to the land itself. Please take time to watch this video and research this topic more. If we own a tv or computer or other techno gadgets, it is our responsibility to ensure their adequate disposal; if there is such a thing. Probably a good time to start linking about buying less and using out what we have...


  1. Gees, seems like we just can't do anything right! Any thoughts on what to do with this stuff once it is useless?

  2. recently heard about a 'green' apple computer that just came out- recyclable, and non-toxic. here is a link to an article about it:
    great to see progress in this area, something that should definitely be considered as people look to replace outdated electronics (after they are used as long as possible- of course)...


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