Friday, November 21, 2008

Strength in Numbers (and in Diversity)

Some inspiring news out of Mississippi:

According to a National Wildlife Federation story, a 50 year battle has been won in Mississippi: a U.S. Army Corp of Engineers project that would have drained 200,000 acres of wetlands has been shelved.

Perhaps the most inspiring thing about this event was well-put by George Sorvalis (NWF) when speaking of the people who fought and won the battle: "Faith-based, civic, community and youth organizations came together with environmental groups to change the course of history in the Mississippi Delta.".

Maybe the divisiveness among divergent groups is melting away as we all begin to realize that strength is in numbers? Maybe these groups are not as divergent as was once thought, considering national long-term challenges and common needs and goals?

Click here for info. on the decision.

Click here for general info. of COE watchdog efforts.

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