Thursday, November 6, 2008

A few new rock creations

Steve and I are going to open up our Etsy shop (finally) within the next month. We are stockpiling creations right now - for sale in the shop and at a local craft fair we plan on attending. The beautiful sunshine has allowed for some wonderful picture taking lately.

This necklace features one sweet piece of petrified wood...

I am starting to play with some scrap steel we have...

Some other interesting stones from Los Lunas, New Mexico...

So far I am stringing these necklaces on hemp only. I want these necklaces to be sustainably made and hemp is thus far my best sourced fiber.

Also - thanks to all of you who are sending blog requests! We love your ideas and promise to get to them in the next few weeks. Please continue! If you have something interesting that fits in with our blog and want to be featured as a guest blogger, send us some details and we will work it out.

Ok, the cooler temps and even some rain/snow are on their way here tonight so I am heading outside to soak up this sunshine and 70+ temps! Have a great day!

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