Thursday, February 17, 2011

The diligent trash man....

That's Steve! He took advantage of the 40 degree temps and ice thaw to begin on the trash pile south of our garage.  (Notice the fence in the background.)  Amidst the trash there is loads of good lumber...

carefully put to the side ready for use on the upcoming garden fence construction.

Some of the lumber was rotten so Steve created a winter burn pile.

He also started to remove the falling down, ramshackle privacy fence, notice the remaining 4x4s along the road.  These will be excellent posts for our garden fence, but we need the ground to thaw a bit more before they easily release from the soil. 

Another good work day is called for on this trash pile, but by mid-summer this area will be filled in with wildflowers and trees!  The red and fox squirrels are excitedly raiding the uncovered black walnut caches as I type.


  1. Hi J&S... I have to commend you both on your willingness to take on these task!!
    I don't know to many people in this day and age who have the fortitude to work as hard as you to have what they want, and be happy with the simple life!!
    Today most people want everything perfect and now!!
    Happy spring clean up!! : }}

  2. You are going to have a completely new place by the time I can come to visit again!!


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