Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, Soap & Salve

It's wintry here in north central Ohio and we're bracing for another round of icing this afternoon/evening.  The birds are enjoying the ice free food we've provided.  Here's the view from our kitchen window:

Jennifer spent some time making more much needed lotion, salve and soap, while watching our feathered friends as oils melted.

She made 16 oz of lotion and 16 oz of salve; that should keep us set for a while. The lotion recipe is modified from this one here.  The salve recipe she found online at some point, but cannot find again right now.  It's actually a lip balm/salve recipe and breaks down to 40% liquid oil (jojoba, olive, hemp seed, etc.) 25% solid oil (coconut, mango), 20% beeswax, 15% brittle oil (cocoa) and any desired essential oils, vitaman E, etc.

A batch of grapefruit soap is curing and will be ready in a few weeks on Etsy.  This soap is colored with a bit of paprika and is a nice grapefruit color.  Perfect!

Stay safe and warm everyone!  Fingers crossed for no power outages...


  1. Love the flags! The field behind your house looks much like ours, can't wait to see it next month.

    Wish I could smell that soap!

  2. Hi Jennifer & Steve..it sure looks homey around there... I can smell the grapefruit soap from here!!
    It is snowing here but just a little storm to whats to come tomorrow!!
    Stay warm and keep the candles handy!!

  3. We got an inch of ice on everything on Sat...I'm ready for spring! Will you be offering the lip balm on etsy also? Making all these goodies during the slower days of winter is great! ~Vonnie, NH

  4. I'm not sure if we will sell lip balm on Etsy. That's sort of a gray area for me on what's allowed and what's not without proper certifications, etc. I need to look into this more. I will keep you posted! :)


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