Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trash to Treasure

We've found many treasures amongst the trash here at Milkweed Meadows and we will occasionally post some of these finds.  One such find was these mugs!

We liked the coffee cups immediately for their color and shape....

then we turned them over and realized they are handmade here in the United States!

What a great find!  They've quickly moved to some of our favorite mugs for coffee/tea time.


  1. Great find, indeed! I wonder how the finger holes fit your hands. They're a lovely colour!

  2. Hi J&S...great find ...that place holds a lot of treasures doesn't it!! lol
    And not just any cups, but hand made at that!!

  3. Those are great and such a beautiful color. Nice to see something nice was found in all the piles of trash.

  4. i love them. one of my favorite colors:)


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