Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Refurbished Clothesline

This past weekend we spent a wee bit of time fixing up a clothesline installed by prior residents of our pad.  The lines were slack and the framework wobbly....not too great for hanging heavy laundry.  

Here you can see the end of the line plus some of the trash we cleaned up this fall....

The end of the line again (on the left)...look closely and notice the slack.  The horizontal support acted as a seesaw more than a support.

First we added washers to the already present nuts and bolts then tightened the nuts snuggly.  

We leveled up the top horizontal support...

And added some bracing with scrap lumber found here...

Looks nice eh?

Super smart and handy Steve knew about some special hardware (tensioner and cable clamp) to purchase to make the line snug.  Look at that!

The line is so snug you can hardly see it with the snow and trees, but it's there and ready for use this week!  Jennifer hung the laundry on the line in the basement today since cold temperatures returned, but it doesn't dry nearly as quickly as it does outdoors.  Can't wait for warm sunny days and clothes drying in the balmy breeze!  


  1. Hi J& two are to cute ...I just love seeing a line of clothes blowing in the summer breeze..although I do remember the days of hanging clothes with mittens on and bring in jeans frozen stiff..I called that freeze dried

  2. Yay! One day I'll have a clothesline:)

  3. I grew up with a clothesline and have one now. I installed one of those square ones that collapse a couple of years ago. It saves space and is so nice to use. Before that I used some wooden folding racks that I'd haul outside. Clothes dried outside smell so good!


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